EZ Hats

Have you ever found a yarn and knew who to knit it for but not what to knit it into? That was my trouble. This lovely kettled dyed yarn is half mohair, which I love, but suspect many others find it itchy. I tried a few times to knit a cowl that is a short scarf with a ribbon threaded through it that ties in front. But it was complicated. I was ripping back a lot, and had to refer to the directions for every row. Not mom-of-a-15-month-old type knitting. Then I started thinking that she might not want to tie mohair around her neck, and became discouraged. What else to do with one skein? I thought of mittens – but really didn’t want to knit something doomed to wear out. Then I thought of hats. I just received EZ’s Knitters Almanac — love it!  I tried the three corner tam first.


But the fabric came out too tight and when I asked my husband if he thought she’d like it, was it cool enough, he replied it might be too cool. That’s code for: it’s too unique for anyone to enjoy wearing. It needed to be something different, yet again. My husband (let’s call him Walt, shall we?) exclaimed, “but you already have a whole hat!” “Yes but it only took me a day to finish, I’ll have then next one in a day or two no problem.” Truly both hats were about two hours of knitting apiece. I love a fast project. So I started on the Maltese Fisherman’s hat and finished it the following evening.


This hat is awesome. Everyone should have one. Maybe I’ll knit one for everyone. The ear-muffs part is very warm. I like the way it sits on my head and frames my face. My husband asked if I was sure I wanted to give it away! Perfect. So this is the second Xmas gift I’ve started and the first I’ve finished. Not sure yet how many gifts I’m going to make. I only did scarves for my brothers last year, so I think I’ll just knit for the rest of the close family this year. That’s six gifts, not including the husband and son.

How about you guys?? Started the holiday gift knitting yet? Do you like to start with the complicated stuff or the easy two-hour hats?


Me Petrie

This pattern is Petrie by Beautia Dew.

As is my theme lately I had this yarn in my stash from 2005. It was on sale at Rosetree Fiber Shop in Ames, IA for about two dollars a ball and this is one of my favorite color combinations. I have eight or ten balls. Hard to tell know since there are many half made items stuffed in the bag with the remaining balls.

I love the look but added more waist shaping. (I look my best with a little waist shaping.)

Detail of the hem.

Detail of increasing which creates that gappy boat neck..so 1960’s. Not much to go.

Lace Scarf in Lamb’s Pride

This is the first 2011 Xmas gift. The pattern is from a washcloth pattern called “Bridal Shower Lace Cloth” by Cathy Waldie.  I’ve also seen the lace called diamond drop stitch. I love the look in the Lamb’s Pride Bulky.

This is for someone special and I really hope she likes it and enjoys wearing it.

Last year I knitted my first Xmas gifts ever, scarves for my brothers. They were simple, but I made them difficult by fretting over the end details and knitting ruffles and lace and points trying to find a finishing touch that would look interesting when I probably should have stuck with a few garter stitch rows. I tried to imagine it didn’t matter if they wore the scarves; they would simply appreciate my knitting for them. But in reality I really want people to like what I knit them.

I should probably ask green-scarf-lady about the yarn since mohair is itchy to some folks. I know she will like the color. I have never seen her in a scarf. Maybe that’s because no one ever knitted one for her. My plan is to just start knitting her things and maybe one or two out of twenty will hit the mark.

I’ve had this yarn in my stash since 2005. I bought it in Ames, IA at Rosetree Fiber Shop. I had forgotten how much I like Lamb’s Pride Bulky. I started knitting in 2004 and I didn’t know at the time that it is the mohair that I love about LPB. In fact I just realized it now while taking this photo. At this point I have seen enough yarn to know what the characteristics of mohair are and that I love them. That touch of luster, bit of fuzz, and is the heathery color from the wool and mohair taking on the dye a bit differently? I love that too. That mohair is hard wearing is a huge bonus. I am already adding LPB items to my knit-this list.

A new begining

After considering this blog for some years I am beginning today. Yesterday I registered for my first marathon–the kind you run. I completed a 1/2 marathon in November 2009 when I was twelve weeks pregnant so I have high hopes about completing a full marathon in February 2012. Tonight I go to volunteer orientation at the animal shelter as part of my pursuit of “Is pet dog training the career for me?” And this afternoon I received my first Elizabeth Zimmermann book in the mail–Knitter’s Almanac. After a brief look I’m instantly charmed by her writing style and this has inspired me to start writing about my knitting. So today seems a great day to start writing about my own knitting.

Currently on the needles:

1)  Petrie by Beautia Dew in MaggiKnits Maggi’s Multi Linen – I am almost finished with this one, just a few inches above the bust on the front side to go.

2)  a dark green wash cloth – on hand for times I need to knit without thinking

3)  a medium green lace scarf in Lamb’s Pride Bulky – this is the start of this year’s Xmas gifts

I have a recent goal of knitting my stash until it’s gone. I’ve decided giving away yarn is aloud as is knitting needlessly. In the other direction I’ve added entire knitted items to my stash – to be unknit and recycled. So these three items are all yarns from my stash.

Has anyone out there successfully un-stashed? How did you do this? And how long did it take you?