A new begining

After considering this blog for some years I am beginning today. Yesterday I registered for my first marathon–the kind you run. I completed a 1/2 marathon in November 2009 when I was twelve weeks pregnant so I have high hopes about completing a full marathon in February 2012. Tonight I go to volunteer orientation at the animal shelter as part of my pursuit of “Is pet dog training the career for me?” And this afternoon I received my first Elizabeth Zimmermann book in the mail–Knitter’s Almanac. After a brief look I’m instantly charmed by her writing style and this has inspired me to start writing about my knitting. So today seems a great day to start writing about my own knitting.

Currently on the needles:

1)  Petrie by Beautia Dew in MaggiKnits Maggi’s Multi Linen – I am almost finished with this one, just a few inches above the bust on the front side to go.

2)  a dark green wash cloth – on hand for times I need to knit without thinking

3)  a medium green lace scarf in Lamb’s Pride Bulky – this is the start of this year’s Xmas gifts

I have a recent goal of knitting my stash until it’s gone. I’ve decided giving away yarn is aloud as is knitting needlessly. In the other direction I’ve added entire knitted items to my stash – to be unknit and recycled. So these three items are all yarns from my stash.

Has anyone out there successfully un-stashed? How did you do this? And how long did it take you?


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